Back Office Automation

Back Office Automation

Transform your processes into the digital age. Fundamental back office components built specifically to stream line your back office.

Back Office Automation

By maximizing the efficiencies one can gain in automating an environment that is normally very complex and time consuming for individuals in the firm. In many cases a large paper trail follows any financial processing in a Law Firm. Our automation building blocks short circuits many time consuming steps and produces measurable gains in efficiency processing. Auditing becomes easier as everything about any request is linked and online. No loose papers to deal with.

Some highlighted features:

  • Fully Automates the back office processes around accounts payable, accounts receivables, trust transactions and more.

  • Direct authorization into the system by the authoriser.
  • Fully secure environment with full auditing and tracking.

  • Threshold setting for multiple authorisations if required.

  • Integrated into Aderant Expert if required. Will generate complete sessions from authorised processes.

  • Fully work flowed environment using E-mail.

  • Authorise using our secure encrypted layer from within Outlook.

  • Secure Authorise’s Signature import onto form if required.

  • Authorised processes automatically generate Cheque and Cash Receipt sessions in Aderant Expert.

  • Attach originating e-mail(s) or documents to the process.

  • E-Mails are safe. Encrypted e-mail process ensuring no ability to send information outside of the firm.

  • Integrates into MS Outlook as the main work flow mechanism is via e-mails

  • Easy to install – Does not require multiple servers or require a complicated desktop setup.

  • Integration plug ins available for your Document Management System to allow all documents to be stored against the matter file.

  • Fields required on the various Transaction forms can be customized to suite your needs.

  • Bank daily rates instant viewing.

  • Auto Checkin of PDF version of the completed Forms into the related Matter Workspace in worksite.


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