Paperless Expense Claims

Paperless Expense Claims

Automate and streamline your expense claim process. Workflow approvals, electronics slips and document handling.

Expense Claims automated and integrated into Aderant Expert

Paperless Expenses automates and streamlines a normally paper intensive environment. There are huge efficiencies and cost savings in getting approvals from managers anywhere on any device at any time and allow centralised accounts and finance departments to have full visibility and control.

Paperless Expense makes it easy for the claimer and the approving manager to process their claims without any delays or disconnected processes. Original receipts can be attached electronically to the process if full automation required, but a paper based portion can still be retained for those who still require original receipts.

Some highlighted features:

  • Fully Automates the Expense approval and processing for the firm.

  • Direct approval into the system by the manager.

  • Fully secure environment with full auditing and tracking.

  • Integrated into Aderant Expert. Will generate complete sessions saving any data entry time at the back office level.

  • Fully work flowed environment using E-mail and the Paperless In-Tray.

  • Attach original receipts or any electronic files.

  • Easy to install – Does not require multiple servers or require a complicated desktop setup.

  • Integration plug ins available for your Document Management System to allow all documents

  • Auto Checkin of PDF version of the completed Form into the related Workspace in worksite.


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