Paperless Forms

Paperless Forms

Transforming complex workflow environments into a more simplified and adaptable solution for all requirements

Paperless Forms Workflow Engine

An evolution of our base paperless solutions, we can now offer a fundamental breakthrough in reducing the complexities and cost over runs of developing and customising workflow requirements in an enterprise setting.

Using our uniquely developed platform built on the .NET framework, we have the abillity to turn any workflow requirement into a quick step implementation and provide integration plugin points to almost all 3rd party environments.

If you require more integration into all your systems with the abillity to execute and manage workflow requirements, contact us with your requirements to allow us to prove how cost effective we can make it.

Key Points

  • Built on the .NET platform

  • Maintenance plans available for all custom builds

  • Integration into many products and platforms including but not restricted to :

    • MS Outlook 2010 upwards

    • MS Office 2010 upwards

    • Aderant Expert 7.5 upwards

    • html5 components - allowing iphone/android and windows phone integration

    • Document Management Systems

    • Any Database backend that can support .NET connectors

    • Windows 7 and Windows 8 desktops

  • Quick development time and form delivery

  • Management tools to allow workflow and security management

  • More cost effective to build and implement